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Rezilla 1.1

Rezilla 1.1

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Rezilla Publisher's Description

Rezilla is a resource forks editor for the Macintosh:
-it lets you edit, create, modify, duplicate, remove resources contained in any fork (data fork or resource fork), copy, cut and paste them from a resource map to the other, drag and drop resources etc.
-it comes equipped with an Hexadecimal Editor and a Template Editor. The template editor ships with no less than 385 predefined templates and lets you add more.
Rezilla has several dedicated editors:
-a Text Editor to edit 'TEXT' and 'styl' resources
-a Bitmap Editor to edit any of the following types: 'cicn', 'crsr', 'CURS', 'icl4', 'icl8', 'icm#', 'icm4', 'icm8', 'ICN#', 'ICON', 'ics#', 'ics4', 'ics8', 'PAT#', 'PAT ', 'ppat', 'SICN'
-an Unicode Editor to edit 'utxt' resources containing Unicode data in UTF-16 encoding form
-an Aete Editor to edit AppleScript terminology resources (resources with type 'aete' or 'aeut'). It can generate Scripting Definition files (sdef) and export to Xml, DeRez, Html, and Text formats. It can also import an aete from an Xml file.
-a Pict Viewer to visualize, copy, cut and paste 'PICT' resources
a Sound Player to play 'snd ' resources
-a Menu Editor (which supports 'xmnu' menu extension resources)
complete scriptability to drive Rezilla from AppleScript scripts
-Rezilla can export resource maps in text, HTML, XML or DeRez formats
-Rezilla can compare two resource maps.
-various values and properties can be set via the Preferences.

Rezilla is useful only on Macintosh platforms under OSX. The application is developped and tested under this system. Version 10.2 (aka Jaguar) or greater of the system is recommended.

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